Monday, May 12, 2014

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Freedom Tunnel
Chalk art/ perspective project

This is the Chalk art project for Art 3. The technique that I got to explore with this was perspective and also how to properly use chalk for details. We used lots of different techniques to try and blend all the chalk. We used water and paint brushes on the first layer to try and blend it in. The part im not pleased with is the landscape in the background. I think it needs work and is not as strong as the rest of the piece. Its also slightly off the vanishing point because we took the tape off. Unfortunately we ran out of time and if we could have worked on it more we would have. Our group worked really well together and everyone was super helpful all the time. One thing I hate with art is working in a group because everyone has a different vision, but we drew out a plan and stuck to it. The best part of this project was getting to put the layers of graffiti on the wall. I also worked in graffiti lettering that way i could execute the text efficiently and correctly. This was one of the funnest projects all year and sands, you should do this every year.

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Breadth 12

This is my final breadth piece for AP. I used mixed media. I got to try out a lot of different techniques with this project. I refined my watercolor skills and my proportion skills.Overall I was running out of time and this is the only project I could come up with in two days. lol.

Breadth 11

This is a self portrait that I did for AP. My favorite part is the clothing because the values are so rich and the colors all blend together very nicely. I dont like the face and hair as much but as ive stated before im running out of time. I refined my colored pencil and blending skills with this project and I am pleased with the product but i know i can make it better the more i add to it and work on it.

Concentration 12

This is Lori again. Her hands have veins that are very protruding. I much like this shot because of the shadow behind her hand and the shadow gradient going down the photograph. Again I asked her to keep the jewelry on. I like that you can see the light switch a little bit. This photo brings you in and makes you want to know more about it and the story behind it.

Concentration 11

This is Lori. She was born with fingers that point out and dont fit together. Most people when you put your fingers together they fit like a puzzle. The shirt Lori is wearing was originally very distracting so i took it into photoshop and blurred it down a bit. It looked weird with her shirt totally blurred out. I really like the shadows on the door ant the wall it gives an illusion that she is standing in the doorway. I love all her jewlery and I asked her not to take it off. It adds to the story. 

"Broken Arm?"
Concentration 10

This is also Casey. She is double jointed in her arm. It looks totally broken and mangled but its not. I love this shot because theres a perfect little circle of light around the arm and the subtle dark shadow underneath the arm really helps it to stand out. I dont like that she is wearing the same shirt as in the other photograph but again I am running low on time and failed to think to ask her to change her shirt while I was with her. With this photo I struggled with angle, because I wanted to get something that was different but in order to capture the essence of her arm in the first place the best shot was head on.