Thursday, February 27, 2014


This is my Appropriation project for art 3. I chose to give flashcards a new meaning! Instead of studying with formulas and such there are naked people on each card! I really enjoyed this project and wrapping the cards in plastic really helped to get the full effect, this was also a new technique that i learned for i had no idea that this was even possible before. I had a hard time with deciding which background looked the best and the most dramatic so i decided to go with a bunch of different ones. This artwork is pushing the limits because it can be kind of controversial. One is censoring, how it can take away from the meaning of things, and that parts of the body that are over sexualized. I believe this project shows a type of rebellion in the way that the womans face is not involved in the work and the striped background gives it a jail bird type of feel. I was pretty nervous to do this project because its really pushing the limits for a school art project but im glad that i did and i am very proud of my work.