Friday, January 3, 2014

Mixed Media

This piece is one i made when i was really stressed. It was a reminder to myself that its okay to be stressed out and that everything will work out eventually. All you need is a deep breath, get through today, and dont worry about tomorrow right now. I wanted to use different drawings of the lungs. The ones in the very back are real left and right lungs. The black and white image is a picture of all of the parts inside of the lungs, and the middle picture is a colored labeled anatomic drawing of the lungs. I thought the bold black lettering and outline would really make the piece pop and it worked well, i am very happy with the end product.

"Fashion Forward?"
Breadth 6 (close up)
Mixed Media

This is the last in the series with line and color. I wanted to add movement to this piece with the background but i also wanted it to feel a bit unbalanced with quite a bit of negative space in the center. With this project i wanted to show how it doesnt matter what you wear or what you look like everyone is beautiful. You shouldnt be put down because you decide to look a certain way. I also wanted to show how the fashion industry makes some people feel slave to "whats in." In the image below you see how the head of the girl on the other side of the page is blocking the mouth of both of the women on the right page. They are very different and have very different cultures but all feel the same pressure to dress a certain way to impress whomever or whatever. The statue with the plant over its privates is showing how the industry has made hair a  "gross" and "unattractive" thing now a days. Hair is natural and you shouldnt feel compelled to shave just cause society tells you to. There are a lot of hidden meanings behind this piece, most of which should be for you, the viewer, to ponder on. That is what makes it art, right?

Mixed Media

This is another piece in the series that has to do with line and color. I found these beautiful images in a vouge magazine and fell in love with the colors. I thought it would be cool to use line and color to make the image look as if it is radiating off some type of feeling, kind of like a chacra of some sort.I liked the odd shapes of the pictures as well that way they were not perfect circles but interesting waves.I wanted to take the very vibrant colors of the picture and send them off like rays of sunshine. It was hard to keep my hands steady in order to make the lines look free flowing, i also did most of them in one full sweep until i changed colors. The image with the blue and yellow only i connected the lines like a spiral with one color going directly into the next color. With the image that has red, I did a full circle of one color then did a circle in another color like rings. In the blue image i did a strict pattern of colors but i alternated where i stopped and started the different colors so the pattern is not so blunt, with the red image, i started with a pattern of rings then added extra colors where i felt needed. I wanted the two images to have coherence, look like they belonged together, yet look somewhat different. I love the end product and im very pleased with how it came out.

Blue Image

Red Image

Breadth 5

               This is another project in the series i did of color and line, i made the blue and green piece first then the pink and purple. I like how they all flow together and contrast colors.I imagine this is what it feels like to be on acid or some hallucinogenic drug. I myself would never ever do any such drugs because i am an athlete but i have friends who say this is very accurate. I like the idea of everything in constant movement, as you know, everything IS in constant movement with atoms, but you cant see that. I like to imagine whatever these creatures are on, is helping them see movement and life in everything possible. They become loose like noodles and free like birds and they just dance and chill out, all they have control over is, well, nothing.

 "Library Card"
Mixed Media

This project starts a series of projects where i really worked with the impact of line and color. I found this in a library book that was going to be tossed out. I just found it interesting what you could find out just by looking at this info card that is placed inside the book. The author is German, which was something cool because I took german, Herr means Mr. and that is the authors last name. Its cool to see that the book dates back to 78' when people were checking it out of the library. Its also cool to see all the people who had it in their possession before I did. Its kind of like my own personal little piece of history. No one really thinks oh i wonder where this info card will end up, well, it ended up in my sketch book.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Gel Medium
Breadth 4

This was inspired by the national geographic magazine and all the people in it. I just thought it's be cool to show how all kinds of different people and cultures are beautiful. I used all different pictures from the nat geo and fashion magazines and used all different kinds of things to represent different sorts of life. I used water color and tissue paper for the background and glued everything together with gel medium.