Thursday, December 19, 2013

Breadth 3
Acrylic on Canvas

I had so much trouble with this project. Every time I thought I was done I was told to add more value more value more value! Eventually I got it to where i am mostly happy with it. I kind of gave up on trying to add white in the bottom and upper lips where the light would hit the lips because every time I did it didnt look natural. I covered it up so many times. I learned a lot about value through this project and i am thankful for that.

This picture shows the teeth and how I had to add grey to it to show the shadows on the teeth and the real life value.

This picture shows the value in the tongue, teeth, and lips. I feel that I did a good job with the value in the lips aside from the issue with the light. End all be all it was an artist choice. Im very happy with the final product and i know i can always go back and add more paint to it if i think i can finally get those lighter values into the lips.

"Beauty Queen"
Gel medium collage

This was my tribute to my favorite artist Lana Del Rey. She has an amazing voice and ive been on a Lana kick lately so i thought why not. For this project i first used sparkly tissue paper for the background then collected pictures of Lana as well as pictures of things that relate to her songs and her life style. She has a song called "Blue Velvet" hence the blue velvet circular dots throughout the piece which i used to bring it all together and create unity. She has a song "Diet Mountain Dew", "American", "Cola", and she often sings of diamonds and flowers so I added those too. I really enjoyed this project i think this is my favorite form of expression and art right now.

  "Audrey Hepburn"
Breadth 2
 Gel medium collage
  This is a collage I did of Audrey Hepburn. She is one of my role models and I thought to make a tribute to her. I used all kinds of different flowers for the background and I also water colored the paper before hand. I really enjoyed this project but it took a long time because of having to cut everything out even the little flowers. I wanted to include pictures of Audrey as she got older too, as she aged beautifully and you dont see many pictures of her when she got older. Some issues I had with this project was the gel medium stuck to both sides of the page when I closed the book after class one day and ripped the paper in some spots but i really like the way it ended up looking.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Spray/Acrylic Paint on Wooden Table

      This is a table that my youth group let me borrow for this project. I made this stencil of a pop art girl and used it for a few projects and thought it might look cool in our youth room. 12:1 is a bible verse that is from Ecclesiastes which says "Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them." I painted the table to say"12:1 rocks!" in Chinese because thats what my pastor wanted me to write on it. Over all i think it turned out great and its going to look great in the youth room!

Here is what the stencil looks like up close painted on the bench i love the way it turned out especially with the splatters and the contrasting colors!

"The Joker"
Spray Paint Stencil on White Drawing Paper, Acrylic and Watercolor Alterations

This is a stencil spray paint alteration that i have been working on. I really like how this one turned out. I love how the spray paint splattered when i put the paint down. I wanted to make this piece different from my other ones and since halloween is just around the corner i thought why not channel my favorite super villain the Joker from Batman. I wanted it to be "joker-esque" without being exactly like the real joker. She is like the female version of the joker. 

This is the original stencil that i created i wanted to channel pop art with the large lines and shading. I love this print because the orange looks really good and i like how it looks like there is light behind her face. I also love how when i pulled the stencil off the paint dragged up on her lips i think it gives it a lot more depth and character. 
"The Pit"
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

This piece is inspired by the Passion Pit concert which i attended over the summer. I absolutely love passion pit they have been my favorite band since middle school. I bought tickets for the general admission pit and got to go right up to the stage and it was such a glorious concert and possibly the best night of my summer. I really wanted to channel the theme of the band and the colors of the concert lights. This painting is loosely based off of their first ep "Chunk of Change" whos album artwork is below.

Chunk of Change album artwork

Passion pit always sings about the struggles of life and how its not perfect which is what i believe my artwork has really showed. I wanted to show how much energy and color the concert had. Im verry happy with how the piece turned out and i hope that one day i can show the band what i made. I also hope to attend more concerts in the future seeing as it was such an amazing experience and great memory for me to visit. 

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Photo Transfer

This project had more direction i knew that i wanted to do a photo transfer as i had done this technique in art four and really enjoyed it. The painting is meant to look old and worn. Thats why this technique worked perfectly for this painting. I was inspired by the way the two siblings in the photo looked distant from each other yet they still look connected in some way. This piece reminds me of me and my sisters relationship. We both love each other dearly but we are very distant because of our crazy busy life styles. Im preparing for college, working on my sport as well, and she is busy with school and stressing about grades. Some struggles i had with this piece was that i was very unhappy with the original background that i had painted, i repainted it about three times before i found something i really liked. I wanted it to look old timey and possibly a premonition from the past. I am very happy with how it turned out and cant wait to enter it into a few contests to see how it holds up. 

Breadth 1
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

         This was a piece that i started before the semester began, i wasnt sure what i wanted to do for my portfolio projects. As i started to paint i wanted to do something with bright colors that stand out against each other. I also wanted to do something with a lot of movement. There was no real action or plan to this project i just wanted to paint what came to me. With this project I really discovered my painting style. I love to put a lot of texture in and use a lot of different shades of the same color to get the desired effect. This painting was loosely based off of the "money tree" my parents received when they started their business. It has the same shape as the braid in the painting. This painting really was an eye opener for me in my art style as well. I like more non-objectional type of things rather than realistic. I learned that i cant compare my artwork to someone else who does a realistic style.