Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breadth 8

This is a part of my ap portfolio. After doing the first prismacolor project i  decided that i enjoyed it and wanted to make anotherone. This was nerve wracking to make because i didnt want to mess up and make either of the faces distorted. At first i tried to just draw the faces free hand but that ended miserably so i projected it and did the outline that way. With this project i feel that i refined my skill with colored pencils and my depth of color. I kept asking gabby to help me with proportion when i was drawing it and if she thought i should add more shadows here and there. She also taught me a good trick with using the strait part of the pencil and line it up with the eyes to make sure everything is where it should be. This artwork describes my relationship with Chase as to which he is simply my best friend and makes me really happy! I am pleased with the outcome and i know the more i practice the better i will get.

"9, 11"
Concentration 4

This is my friend Farrell. He had to have surgery on his foot because he had lots of problems with it. Since the surgeries took place when he was in middle school his foot that had all the surgery on it never grew to the size of his healthy foot. This fits in really well with my concentration because Farrell has a very unique feature about him with this aspect of his body. One foot wears a size nine shoe and the other a size is an eleven. This project was pretty difficult to get the coloring just right as it was a lot brighter of a picture than the other ones i have done for my concentration. I also had to learn how to properly adjust the focus and aperture on my camera which was a good learning experience. One issue i think that my concentration and this picture addresses is self image. You need to love things about your body that make you unique and that is a beautiful thing. Over all i think this is a great addition to my works and i had a great time shooting this photograph.