Monday, May 12, 2014

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Freedom Tunnel
Chalk art/ perspective project

This is the Chalk art project for Art 3. The technique that I got to explore with this was perspective and also how to properly use chalk for details. We used lots of different techniques to try and blend all the chalk. We used water and paint brushes on the first layer to try and blend it in. The part im not pleased with is the landscape in the background. I think it needs work and is not as strong as the rest of the piece. Its also slightly off the vanishing point because we took the tape off. Unfortunately we ran out of time and if we could have worked on it more we would have. Our group worked really well together and everyone was super helpful all the time. One thing I hate with art is working in a group because everyone has a different vision, but we drew out a plan and stuck to it. The best part of this project was getting to put the layers of graffiti on the wall. I also worked in graffiti lettering that way i could execute the text efficiently and correctly. This was one of the funnest projects all year and sands, you should do this every year.

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Breadth 12

This is my final breadth piece for AP. I used mixed media. I got to try out a lot of different techniques with this project. I refined my watercolor skills and my proportion skills.Overall I was running out of time and this is the only project I could come up with in two days. lol.

Breadth 11

This is a self portrait that I did for AP. My favorite part is the clothing because the values are so rich and the colors all blend together very nicely. I dont like the face and hair as much but as ive stated before im running out of time. I refined my colored pencil and blending skills with this project and I am pleased with the product but i know i can make it better the more i add to it and work on it.

Concentration 12

This is Lori again. Her hands have veins that are very protruding. I much like this shot because of the shadow behind her hand and the shadow gradient going down the photograph. Again I asked her to keep the jewelry on. I like that you can see the light switch a little bit. This photo brings you in and makes you want to know more about it and the story behind it.

Concentration 11

This is Lori. She was born with fingers that point out and dont fit together. Most people when you put your fingers together they fit like a puzzle. The shirt Lori is wearing was originally very distracting so i took it into photoshop and blurred it down a bit. It looked weird with her shirt totally blurred out. I really like the shadows on the door ant the wall it gives an illusion that she is standing in the doorway. I love all her jewlery and I asked her not to take it off. It adds to the story. 

"Broken Arm?"
Concentration 10

This is also Casey. She is double jointed in her arm. It looks totally broken and mangled but its not. I love this shot because theres a perfect little circle of light around the arm and the subtle dark shadow underneath the arm really helps it to stand out. I dont like that she is wearing the same shirt as in the other photograph but again I am running low on time and failed to think to ask her to change her shirt while I was with her. With this photo I struggled with angle, because I wanted to get something that was different but in order to capture the essence of her arm in the first place the best shot was head on.

Concentration 9

This is my friend Casey and she had some cancer cells in her arm where the scar is. She had to have lots of operations done on it and lots of shots. I struggled with this shot because the scar was hard to photograph and the lighting in the room was not enough to catch the shadows on the scar. We had to do a little "enhancing" with some makeup to darken it a bit. Santi also helped me to darken it in photoshop. Like ive mentioned before, I try to have something in each photograph that tells a story and in this case its her ring. I am not too pleased with this piece but I am running out of time and options.

 Breadth 9
These are old projects from art 4 last year that i used in my AP portfolio

Breadth 10

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Concentration 8

This is Emily Martin she has a birth mark on her left leg. I really like this photo because the values really compliment each other. I also really like this photograph because you can see the dents in her skin from where the socks were and i think that adds to the story. I love when my photo can convey a story aside from its intended purpose. I had to retake this picture because the last time i took it, the sun was over exposing the photo and it was a challenge trying to get some values in there. This was taken when it was over cast and it helped with adding shadows of light and dark spots. I am really thankful for all these people agreeing to help me out with this series and i couldnt be happier with how this one turned out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Art 3
Perspective Project

Here is our idea for the perspective project, my group is Alayna, Anna, Jay, Ashley, and Carrie. We are recreating a free expression tunnel like the one at NC State.

So far we have taped down everything and we drew the sketch in the first picture that we will base it off of. I think a challenge will be being able to use side walk chalk to make the graffiti look realistic

"Double Jointed"
Concentration 7

This is my friend Josie, her fingers are double jointed. Ive been trying to get a good mix of things that make the human body unique because well scars and birth marks arent the only things that make you different. Honestly there are so many things that i want to do with this project touching on different body types and even special needs, but unfortunately i only have about three weeks left to get all of my ap art portfolio finished. I am also scared to use a face in this concentration because my style is very up close and personal and im afraid a persons face wont fit in with the other pieces. Anyways, i also struggled with the lighting on this piece because the sun was directly above us. I like the way the shadows look in the background and the track and Jo's legs. It adds to the story of who she is. I think my favorite part is the shadows in the creases of her knuckles i think it looks really cool. Overall i like this piece and it definitely adds positive things to the rest of the series.

"Back Pedal"
Concentration 6

Here is my friend Ben, this is a scar from when he fell off his bike and the pedal dug into the side of his leg by his knee. I really love this scar because you can see the indentation of the pedal in his leg and i think it gives it such a good story. I love how it raised up and has changed colors i think it looks so sick! My challenge with this photo was that we were at the track and the sun was beating down so it was difficult to get a good contrast going. I also had a hard time convincing Ben to let me take pictures of his scar because ben is really shy and he didnt really want to help out, but he did eventually decide to help out. I like the background of this picture too i think it gives the photo depth in photographic terms and in story terms. Its just cool to think this picture is just a little part of this person, but they have an entire world of their own that you dont really know about. Anyways, im really pleased with how the end product of this turned out.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Concentration 5

This is my dad and his shoulder scar. He needed surgery because he was checked into the wall during a hockey game and got a 3rd degree shoulder separation. I really like this piece because its pretty raw. You can see all the age spots and hair on my dad, his chain that his father gave him, he never takes it off, and i think it really adds to the story. Some things i struggled with this project was getting the lighting just right because i wanted there to be a shadow on his shoulder but not too much that you couldnt see the scar. I think the lighting ended up really nicely especially where his stitches and such were its got a nice shadow to light variable. I was kind of nervous about the composition of the photo because the way the scar goes it drags your eye off the picture but then the shadow underneath of it help to bring your eye back up onto the collar  bone and then you get curious and go and look over tward the rest of the photo. My source of inspiration was obviously my concentration theme of things that make the human body unique. The thing i really love about each photograph is even though theres an obvious unique quality such as the scars and missing toes, there are so many other unique things about the photograph, wrinkles, freckles, calluses, body hair, all kinds of wonderfully beautiful things.

Time as an Element Project for art 3

This is my time as an element project. I struggled with an idea for awhile but then i was folding laundry all day and i thought there was a kind of beauty in the way all the clothes before being folded fall all around. I wanted it to look raw and not the prettiest pictures because i wanted it to have that urban feel and at the same time still show cleanliness. After i had folded all the clothes i really liked the leftover socks in the bottom that didnt have matches. I think it can symbolize a lot of different things, as nothing in life is perfect. I cant even fold my clothes without them getting wrinkly! It was kind of difficult deciding where was best to do this and what lighting to use but i liked the way it turned out with just the camera flash and a small light in the background. Overall im happy with the end result and mr sands is cool so he should give me a good grade :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breadth 8

This is a part of my ap portfolio. After doing the first prismacolor project i  decided that i enjoyed it and wanted to make anotherone. This was nerve wracking to make because i didnt want to mess up and make either of the faces distorted. At first i tried to just draw the faces free hand but that ended miserably so i projected it and did the outline that way. With this project i feel that i refined my skill with colored pencils and my depth of color. I kept asking gabby to help me with proportion when i was drawing it and if she thought i should add more shadows here and there. She also taught me a good trick with using the strait part of the pencil and line it up with the eyes to make sure everything is where it should be. This artwork describes my relationship with Chase as to which he is simply my best friend and makes me really happy! I am pleased with the outcome and i know the more i practice the better i will get.

"9, 11"
Concentration 4

This is my friend Farrell. He had to have surgery on his foot because he had lots of problems with it. Since the surgeries took place when he was in middle school his foot that had all the surgery on it never grew to the size of his healthy foot. This fits in really well with my concentration because Farrell has a very unique feature about him with this aspect of his body. One foot wears a size nine shoe and the other a size is an eleven. This project was pretty difficult to get the coloring just right as it was a lot brighter of a picture than the other ones i have done for my concentration. I also had to learn how to properly adjust the focus and aperture on my camera which was a good learning experience. One issue i think that my concentration and this picture addresses is self image. You need to love things about your body that make you unique and that is a beautiful thing. Over all i think this is a great addition to my works and i had a great time shooting this photograph.

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Bottle Blonde"
Breadth 7

This is my colored pencil project for ap art. This is the first colored pencil project ive ever done and it was a challenge. This project had to do with transparency. The difficult thing for me was attempting to get all the coloring right by blending different colors together. I got the hang of it after awhile but i still struggled a bit with the hair and making it look realistic. I learned a lot with this and how to use colored pencils. I think that my depth of color and coloration of things is a lot better now because i know what to look for. I also found that prisma color drawings are very therapeutic in a way. I honestly hated this project at first because it was really difficult to get the coloring and proportions correct but i pushed through and now i really enjoy colored pencil!

Concentration 3

Another part to my concentration for AP art. This is mr sands, he has always had these really odd but unique fingernails that i thought fit perfectly in with my concentration. This picture wasnt too difficult because the lighting in the art room was really perfect, and the shadows on his had made it easy to edit in photoshop with the contrast and exposure levels. I really like this piece i think it makes a statement and it could symbolize a lot of things, but i think that is up to the viewer on what they believe my art means to them. Art is funny like that it can mean something different to everyone.

"Chopping Block"
Concentration 2

This is a part of my AP art concentration. This is my Grandmother, her name is Jackie. When she was a kid my Gma and her sister went out to chop some wood in the back yard and they were both fighting over who got to chop it, and so my Grandmother being stubborn as she is put her foot up on the block to stop her sister from chopping the wood and in turn, she chopped her pinky toe off! This is something that makes my Grandmother very unique and it makes for a great story. I struggled with the lighting for this photograph because at her house everything is either over exposed or under exposed. Finally i got a few good shots on her back porch. I really love how the darkness of the ground contrasts the coloring of her feet but also brings out the wrinkles and all the dry skin and what not. I think it really helps to tell that it is an elderly woman and she has clearly been through a lifetime of challenges.

Monday, March 3, 2014

This is my art 3 "space" word of the week mini project. I learned about space and how cats cant really survive in space but if they did then the cat would want the planet that was made of yarn it only makes sense. I wasnt sure about trying to make the cat and the planet in 3d but when i did i think it worked out a lot better than a 2d work. I also added the bright yellow backgrounds to help the planet and the cat pop out. I probably took a long way to make the yarn planet but i wanted to try something new and use wire. I made a circular wire skeleton for the yarn and then i wrapped the yarn all around it. I believe that tumblr highly influenced this work because tumblr loves cats and i love tumblr.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


This is my Appropriation project for art 3. I chose to give flashcards a new meaning! Instead of studying with formulas and such there are naked people on each card! I really enjoyed this project and wrapping the cards in plastic really helped to get the full effect, this was also a new technique that i learned for i had no idea that this was even possible before. I had a hard time with deciding which background looked the best and the most dramatic so i decided to go with a bunch of different ones. This artwork is pushing the limits because it can be kind of controversial. One is censoring, how it can take away from the meaning of things, and that parts of the body that are over sexualized. I believe this project shows a type of rebellion in the way that the womans face is not involved in the work and the striped background gives it a jail bird type of feel. I was pretty nervous to do this project because its really pushing the limits for a school art project but im glad that i did and i am very proud of my work.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Concentration 1

This is my project for AP art. I decided that my concentration would be on the human body and all sorts of unique features about it. This is me, as you can see, you're easily able to see the scars on my knees. On the left knee I had to get five stitches after i fell at the start of a cross country race, onto gravel. My right knee is a scar from a longboarding fall. Everyones body has unique things about it that people try to hide or cover up because they feel vulnerable about it, or it doesn't match societies view of "beauty". Im hoping with this series I can teach myself to love my flaws and use this to help me appreciate things about others that make them unique.

Planning for the Appropriation project for art 3

Here is my text word project that touches on rape culture for art 3

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mixed Media

This piece is one i made when i was really stressed. It was a reminder to myself that its okay to be stressed out and that everything will work out eventually. All you need is a deep breath, get through today, and dont worry about tomorrow right now. I wanted to use different drawings of the lungs. The ones in the very back are real left and right lungs. The black and white image is a picture of all of the parts inside of the lungs, and the middle picture is a colored labeled anatomic drawing of the lungs. I thought the bold black lettering and outline would really make the piece pop and it worked well, i am very happy with the end product.

"Fashion Forward?"
Breadth 6 (close up)
Mixed Media

This is the last in the series with line and color. I wanted to add movement to this piece with the background but i also wanted it to feel a bit unbalanced with quite a bit of negative space in the center. With this project i wanted to show how it doesnt matter what you wear or what you look like everyone is beautiful. You shouldnt be put down because you decide to look a certain way. I also wanted to show how the fashion industry makes some people feel slave to "whats in." In the image below you see how the head of the girl on the other side of the page is blocking the mouth of both of the women on the right page. They are very different and have very different cultures but all feel the same pressure to dress a certain way to impress whomever or whatever. The statue with the plant over its privates is showing how the industry has made hair a  "gross" and "unattractive" thing now a days. Hair is natural and you shouldnt feel compelled to shave just cause society tells you to. There are a lot of hidden meanings behind this piece, most of which should be for you, the viewer, to ponder on. That is what makes it art, right?

Mixed Media

This is another piece in the series that has to do with line and color. I found these beautiful images in a vouge magazine and fell in love with the colors. I thought it would be cool to use line and color to make the image look as if it is radiating off some type of feeling, kind of like a chacra of some sort.I liked the odd shapes of the pictures as well that way they were not perfect circles but interesting waves.I wanted to take the very vibrant colors of the picture and send them off like rays of sunshine. It was hard to keep my hands steady in order to make the lines look free flowing, i also did most of them in one full sweep until i changed colors. The image with the blue and yellow only i connected the lines like a spiral with one color going directly into the next color. With the image that has red, I did a full circle of one color then did a circle in another color like rings. In the blue image i did a strict pattern of colors but i alternated where i stopped and started the different colors so the pattern is not so blunt, with the red image, i started with a pattern of rings then added extra colors where i felt needed. I wanted the two images to have coherence, look like they belonged together, yet look somewhat different. I love the end product and im very pleased with how it came out.

Blue Image

Red Image