Monday, March 10, 2014

"Bottle Blonde"
Breadth 7

This is my colored pencil project for ap art. This is the first colored pencil project ive ever done and it was a challenge. This project had to do with transparency. The difficult thing for me was attempting to get all the coloring right by blending different colors together. I got the hang of it after awhile but i still struggled a bit with the hair and making it look realistic. I learned a lot with this and how to use colored pencils. I think that my depth of color and coloration of things is a lot better now because i know what to look for. I also found that prisma color drawings are very therapeutic in a way. I honestly hated this project at first because it was really difficult to get the coloring and proportions correct but i pushed through and now i really enjoy colored pencil!

Concentration 3

Another part to my concentration for AP art. This is mr sands, he has always had these really odd but unique fingernails that i thought fit perfectly in with my concentration. This picture wasnt too difficult because the lighting in the art room was really perfect, and the shadows on his had made it easy to edit in photoshop with the contrast and exposure levels. I really like this piece i think it makes a statement and it could symbolize a lot of things, but i think that is up to the viewer on what they believe my art means to them. Art is funny like that it can mean something different to everyone.

"Chopping Block"
Concentration 2

This is a part of my AP art concentration. This is my Grandmother, her name is Jackie. When she was a kid my Gma and her sister went out to chop some wood in the back yard and they were both fighting over who got to chop it, and so my Grandmother being stubborn as she is put her foot up on the block to stop her sister from chopping the wood and in turn, she chopped her pinky toe off! This is something that makes my Grandmother very unique and it makes for a great story. I struggled with the lighting for this photograph because at her house everything is either over exposed or under exposed. Finally i got a few good shots on her back porch. I really love how the darkness of the ground contrasts the coloring of her feet but also brings out the wrinkles and all the dry skin and what not. I think it really helps to tell that it is an elderly woman and she has clearly been through a lifetime of challenges.