Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Concentration 5

This is my dad and his shoulder scar. He needed surgery because he was checked into the wall during a hockey game and got a 3rd degree shoulder separation. I really like this piece because its pretty raw. You can see all the age spots and hair on my dad, his chain that his father gave him, he never takes it off, and i think it really adds to the story. Some things i struggled with this project was getting the lighting just right because i wanted there to be a shadow on his shoulder but not too much that you couldnt see the scar. I think the lighting ended up really nicely especially where his stitches and such were its got a nice shadow to light variable. I was kind of nervous about the composition of the photo because the way the scar goes it drags your eye off the picture but then the shadow underneath of it help to bring your eye back up onto the collar  bone and then you get curious and go and look over tward the rest of the photo. My source of inspiration was obviously my concentration theme of things that make the human body unique. The thing i really love about each photograph is even though theres an obvious unique quality such as the scars and missing toes, there are so many other unique things about the photograph, wrinkles, freckles, calluses, body hair, all kinds of wonderfully beautiful things.

Time as an Element Project for art 3

This is my time as an element project. I struggled with an idea for awhile but then i was folding laundry all day and i thought there was a kind of beauty in the way all the clothes before being folded fall all around. I wanted it to look raw and not the prettiest pictures because i wanted it to have that urban feel and at the same time still show cleanliness. After i had folded all the clothes i really liked the leftover socks in the bottom that didnt have matches. I think it can symbolize a lot of different things, as nothing in life is perfect. I cant even fold my clothes without them getting wrinkly! It was kind of difficult deciding where was best to do this and what lighting to use but i liked the way it turned out with just the camera flash and a small light in the background. Overall im happy with the end result and mr sands is cool so he should give me a good grade :)