Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time as an Element Project for art 3

This is my time as an element project. I struggled with an idea for awhile but then i was folding laundry all day and i thought there was a kind of beauty in the way all the clothes before being folded fall all around. I wanted it to look raw and not the prettiest pictures because i wanted it to have that urban feel and at the same time still show cleanliness. After i had folded all the clothes i really liked the leftover socks in the bottom that didnt have matches. I think it can symbolize a lot of different things, as nothing in life is perfect. I cant even fold my clothes without them getting wrinkly! It was kind of difficult deciding where was best to do this and what lighting to use but i liked the way it turned out with just the camera flash and a small light in the background. Overall im happy with the end result and mr sands is cool so he should give me a good grade :)

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  1. Another art teacher I know was commenting on what a clever idea this was. I also think your concentration photos are really strong both in subject and the compositions and contrast. You're going places!