Thursday, December 19, 2013

Breadth 3
Acrylic on Canvas

I had so much trouble with this project. Every time I thought I was done I was told to add more value more value more value! Eventually I got it to where i am mostly happy with it. I kind of gave up on trying to add white in the bottom and upper lips where the light would hit the lips because every time I did it didnt look natural. I covered it up so many times. I learned a lot about value through this project and i am thankful for that.

This picture shows the teeth and how I had to add grey to it to show the shadows on the teeth and the real life value.

This picture shows the value in the tongue, teeth, and lips. I feel that I did a good job with the value in the lips aside from the issue with the light. End all be all it was an artist choice. Im very happy with the final product and i know i can always go back and add more paint to it if i think i can finally get those lighter values into the lips.

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