Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Back Pedal"
Concentration 6

Here is my friend Ben, this is a scar from when he fell off his bike and the pedal dug into the side of his leg by his knee. I really love this scar because you can see the indentation of the pedal in his leg and i think it gives it such a good story. I love how it raised up and has changed colors i think it looks so sick! My challenge with this photo was that we were at the track and the sun was beating down so it was difficult to get a good contrast going. I also had a hard time convincing Ben to let me take pictures of his scar because ben is really shy and he didnt really want to help out, but he did eventually decide to help out. I like the background of this picture too i think it gives the photo depth in photographic terms and in story terms. Its just cool to think this picture is just a little part of this person, but they have an entire world of their own that you dont really know about. Anyways, im really pleased with how the end product of this turned out.

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