Friday, January 3, 2014

Mixed Media

This is another piece in the series that has to do with line and color. I found these beautiful images in a vouge magazine and fell in love with the colors. I thought it would be cool to use line and color to make the image look as if it is radiating off some type of feeling, kind of like a chacra of some sort.I liked the odd shapes of the pictures as well that way they were not perfect circles but interesting waves.I wanted to take the very vibrant colors of the picture and send them off like rays of sunshine. It was hard to keep my hands steady in order to make the lines look free flowing, i also did most of them in one full sweep until i changed colors. The image with the blue and yellow only i connected the lines like a spiral with one color going directly into the next color. With the image that has red, I did a full circle of one color then did a circle in another color like rings. In the blue image i did a strict pattern of colors but i alternated where i stopped and started the different colors so the pattern is not so blunt, with the red image, i started with a pattern of rings then added extra colors where i felt needed. I wanted the two images to have coherence, look like they belonged together, yet look somewhat different. I love the end product and im very pleased with how it came out.

Blue Image

Red Image

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