Friday, January 3, 2014

"Fashion Forward?"
Breadth 6 (close up)
Mixed Media

This is the last in the series with line and color. I wanted to add movement to this piece with the background but i also wanted it to feel a bit unbalanced with quite a bit of negative space in the center. With this project i wanted to show how it doesnt matter what you wear or what you look like everyone is beautiful. You shouldnt be put down because you decide to look a certain way. I also wanted to show how the fashion industry makes some people feel slave to "whats in." In the image below you see how the head of the girl on the other side of the page is blocking the mouth of both of the women on the right page. They are very different and have very different cultures but all feel the same pressure to dress a certain way to impress whomever or whatever. The statue with the plant over its privates is showing how the industry has made hair a  "gross" and "unattractive" thing now a days. Hair is natural and you shouldnt feel compelled to shave just cause society tells you to. There are a lot of hidden meanings behind this piece, most of which should be for you, the viewer, to ponder on. That is what makes it art, right?

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