Friday, October 25, 2013

Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Photo Transfer

This project had more direction i knew that i wanted to do a photo transfer as i had done this technique in art four and really enjoyed it. The painting is meant to look old and worn. Thats why this technique worked perfectly for this painting. I was inspired by the way the two siblings in the photo looked distant from each other yet they still look connected in some way. This piece reminds me of me and my sisters relationship. We both love each other dearly but we are very distant because of our crazy busy life styles. Im preparing for college, working on my sport as well, and she is busy with school and stressing about grades. Some struggles i had with this piece was that i was very unhappy with the original background that i had painted, i repainted it about three times before i found something i really liked. I wanted it to look old timey and possibly a premonition from the past. I am very happy with how it turned out and cant wait to enter it into a few contests to see how it holds up. 

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